Thermal Analytics Solution​​

For Real-time Detection of Elevated Body Temperature & Face Mask Detection.

Introducing Pixuate Thermal Analytics Solution​

We offer a seamless, contactless and rapid elevated temperature detection and face mask detection for mass movement areas.

How It Works

Every living being and every object emits thermal radiation or heat signatures at any time

Pixuate analyses live feeds from thermal camera. Our algorithm is highly sensitive to changes in the human body tempearature, +/-0.2

Pixuate detetcs temperature accurately from the most sensitive region – i.e. at he forehead between the eye

Pixuate also conducts real-tume face mask detection & alert security officials in case of non-compliance

Once a case of elevated temperature is detected, instant alerts sent to concerned authorities

Features of Pixuate Thermal Analytics

  • Up to 30 Persons Detected in a Single Frame.
  • No false alarms or false positives for metal items like briefcase, hot beverages, cell phones.
  • Unobtrusive scanning from a safe range.
  • Zero exposure risk of security personal & healthcare workers.
  • Temperature detection accuracy at +-0.2° Celsius.
  • ~1 seconds detection time.
  • Compliance checks for face mask detection.
  • No need for people to walk in queue, can detect in high density crowds.
  • Fully automated, does not require humans to do the screening.
  • Advanced scenario search – gender, age, expression, mask or no mask.
  • Multiple temperature measurements of suspected virus carriers across intervals.

Pixuate’s Intelligent Thermal Analytics Solutions Accurately Identifies Heat Signatures of People & Sends Instant Alerts for All Instances of Elevated Temperature in Humans (i.e. > 37.5 degree C, or any custom threshold).​

  • Business Parks
  • Governament Office
  • Shops
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Bus Stand
  • Railway Stations
  • Banks

End-to-end data encryption to ensure data integrity

Powered by AI-based thermal imaging and intelligent video analytics

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Powered by AI-based thermal imaging and intelligent video analytics

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Works with existing infrastructure and any camera with ONVIF support

Pixuate Also Offers Add-on Solutions Customizable to Your Needs

Social Distancing Complaince

Face Recognition

Mask Detection

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