AI-Powered Thermal Analytics Solution
For Real-time Detection of Elevated Body Temperature & Face Mask Detection.
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COVID-19 is Here to Stay.

The current elevated temperature checking solutions are inefficient & sub-optimal. The currently available hand-held devices test one at a time & require queue movement. It is difficult for public to comply with such tedious temperature checking at all public places, while security & healthcare workers face exposure risk. Further, they use IR Cameras which are not sensitive to human temperature range.

What This Means for You

Introducing Pixuate Thermal Analytics Solution

We offer a seamless, contactless and rapid elevated temperature detection and face mask detection for mass movement areas.

How It Works

Up to 30 Persons Detected in a Single Frame

  • No false alarms or false positives for metal items like briefcase, hot beverages, cell phones.
  • Unobtrusive scanning from a safe range.
  • Zero exposure risk of security personal & healthcare workers.
  • Temperature detection accuracy at +-0.2° Celsius.
  • ~1 seconds detection time.
  • Compliance checks for face mask detection. 
  • No need for people to walk in queue, can detect in high density crowds.
  • Fully automated, does not require humans to do the screening.
  • Advanced scenario search – gender, age, expression, mask or no mask.
  • Multiple temperature measurements of suspected virus carriers across intervals.

Pixuate’s Intelligent Thermal Analytics Solutions Accurately Identifies Heat Signatures of People & Sends Instant Alerts for All Instances of Elevated Temperature in Humans (i.e. > 37.5 degree C, or any custom threshold).

  • Business Parks
  • Governament Office
  • Shops
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Bus Stand
  • Railway Stations
  • Banks

Pixuate Also Offers Add-on Solutions Customizable to Your Needs

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