Integrated, Enterprise-Grade Video Analytics Platform

Our powerful video analytics engine provides seamless, integrated enterprise solution across a wide range of sectors. We convert video streams into actionable intelligence at scale in real time.

Intelligent Recognition




API Triggers

Pixuate's Intelligent Recognition

Human Recognition

Detect age, gender, & demographics. Recognize face & emotion.

Vehicle Detection

Identify vehicle license plate number, colour, make & model

Plug-n-Play Modules


Who? What? When? Where? How Many? How Often?. Visual Insights through charts & dashboards


Real-time alerts via email, phone, & plugged-in systems. Actionable alerts delivered instantly


Comprehensive daily, monthly, & annual reports. Get customized reports with a few clicks in required formats

API Triggers

Call an API with data of intrusion or detection. Third party integration for seamless notification & alerts.

Easy to Deploy Industry Plugins

In-store Analytics

Security & Surveillance

Crowd Management

Vehicle Tracking

License Plate recognition (LPR)

Traffic Optimization

Why Pixuate?

Pixuate’s smart video analytics algorithm has been trained with over 10 million images. Our distributed architecture is scalable dynamically with multiple easy-to-deploy plugins that can be deployed seamlessly. 


Accuracy Level


Feed time log


Parallel Video Feeds

Distributed Architecture

Scalable Dynamically

Actionable, Custom Reports

Use Cases

Security and Surveillance

Human Recognition

  • Detect age, gender, emotion
  • Generate analytics on consumer pathways, count, frequency, preference, heat maps
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly & Peak Season Analytics
    Delivered as Comprehensive Reports

Parking Management

Vehicle detection

  •  License plate recognition 
  • Notify Blacklisted and whitelisted cars
  • Records make, model and colour 
  • Analytics on count, type, frequency etc.
  • Ideal for residential apartments and complexes, mall parking and secure facility access 

Smart home surveillance 

Human Recognition

  • Surveillance cameras made smarter with face and gesture recognition 
  • Monitor babies, elderly supervision 
  • Sends alert when unfamiliar presence inside the house 

Our Partner

Secuira is a leading solution provider in advanced technologies in AI, IOT and Blockchain. They have a strong presence in UAE and Middle East. With deep implementation capabilities in cutting edge applications like face recognition, License Plate Recognition, Sentiment Analysis and Crime Prediction, Secuira also offers custom-built solutions for enterprises to meet their unique needs.

Partnership Models

Pixuate works in close partnership and collaboration with industry frontrunners. Various partnership models that we have adopted include direct deployment to OEMs, partnership with resellers and licensing our unique technology to product companies. We invite partnerships from across the globe.

Interested in partnering with us?


  • Cocoslabs Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. #64, 3rd Floor, Railway Parallel Road Kumara Park West, Bengaluru - 560 020


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